Art... creations of the mind. I truly believe that every person's mind contains their own form of art. Some people have the ability to translate that into the physical form. We call them artists. Is there any reason the rest of the people on the planet shouldn't be able to see the realization of their particular creation of the mind? I don't think so.

That's why, in addition to realizing my own visions, I've set a goal to help others realize theirs. On this site, you'll see a variety of my own pieces. Most of these are for sale. But if you have your own art or furniture (or anything made of metal) that you would like to see take physical form, use the "Contact Us" page and let's see if we can make it happen. Communicate your ideas to me and let's see if we can bring them to life at a cost that's reasonable for both of us.

If you haven't discovered your own art yet, please feel free to browse my galleries and see if anything sparks your interest or your imagination.

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2nd April Galerie